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Exploring and celebrating

our everyday magic

We all have a body through which we sense the world around us. One could see our bodies as vessels, spaceships, that allow us to explore a vast variety of modes of being. As human beings we

are thrown into this world entering our diverse families and cultures in which a repertoire of ways of being are shared. 

We shake hands this way, greet that way, walk this way, hold ourselves straight that way, share our excitement this way, dance in public sometimes if at all that way, sing out loud perhaps sometimes not too much this way, get crazy that way.

With R-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e  I want to share and celebrate my lifework with you and invite us all to more magic in our lives!

R-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e is a culmination of

my life in and with music, wherein I explored and continue to do so, the many embodied ways (we do have a body right?) in which we connect ourselves to both our inner field of experience, and the outer world in which we exist.


How to partake in this symphony of being, this dance of molecules that is happening inside and outside of us? Does it not at least sometimes makes you truly wonder if there is such a clear separation between our so-called inner being and what exists “out there”?

And the moment of celebration as dance,  does it come to us when we prepare and organise, or does it, more often than we’d like  it, elude our grabbing and controlling tendencies? When does magic, that special experience of flow (known to all of us, often talked about by runners, fighters,

musicians, dancers) emerge in our contemporary daily lives?And more specifically, how do we explore, invite and cultivate it today?

R-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e is set up as a platform on which I will explore and share

with you and invite you to do so too, the everyday magic in our lives with music and other performative ways of being.

It will start from a musical field of experience and will develop from here

to include dance, performative arts,

the audience, young people and kids

and what else comes up on the horizon of this exploration. 

R-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e will be explored in three ways:



scores are like maps with guidelines

to investigate different aspects of resonance. They will exist both as graphic scores, mostly text based, and also as audio versions wherein my voice will guide you through the experience as if in a Tai Chi class. At first the scores

will be created by me. In a second phase I will invite other artists to contribute to the platform by creating and co-creating scores together so more voices and perspectives can be explored.


journal writing. I start with my own memories and reflections about resonance in my practise and life.

Later this could become an invitation

for collaborators to contribute their

notes on Resonance.



I have conversations with a diversity of contemporary artists, musicians, performers, scientists, philosophers about the subject field of Resonance and daily magic. These conversations can find their way to this website, written

out and also as podcast. The idea is to explore freely by daily conversation,

our experiences and the ways in which we deal with magic in our practises and lives through the lenses of our specific knowledges and lives.

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