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Workshop 1
Eric Thielemans

On Resonance: exploring the everyday magic through music and sound.

Guided by Eric Thielemans


Enjoy Music

Expand your musical awareness.

Feel more connected to your bodies, instruments, the rooms in which you
are playing.


Through guided meditations you will explore different aspects of dealing with sound, listening, how to interact with your instruments and with each other. Guided by my voice, you will explore different ways of listening, how to connect to your instrument, explore your daily acoustical environment and interact with it through sound. You will be invited to make music and enjoy in the act of creating sound from within, and thus to immediately actively integrate your new awareness

into your music practice. 

How is the course set up?

What to expect?

— A five month-long online course (February to June 2022) with two one-hour Zoom meetings a month. 

— You will get a minimum of ten scores/ exercises/sound meditations that will enrich your awareness through music,

to be explored together in group. 

— This shared online experience can be applied immediately and used to enhance your musical practice.

— You will receive a pdf-file of the guided exercises so you can explore further on you own.

— If you cannot attend a live session,

a recording will be made so you can tune in at your convenience.


For whom is the course?

Level: beginner to expert

Age: 16+

Language: English


For any person, at any level, beginner to expert, who wishes to explore, enhance, enjoy their awareness of musicality (so even when you are a performer or a dancer…) and grow a lived experiential basis for their further development as

a conscious musical being. The only requirement is curiosity and a willingness to surrender to the daily magic that is truly available to each and all of us.


Open for ensemble, choirs, individuals, amateurs, professional players, all styles, and instruments. 


What does the course cost? 

Your individual contribution:

€100 per month.

Student or jobless discount:

€50 per month.


Large group/ensembles: if you feel like doing this together as a brass band, choir, large group/ensemble, check in with me for offers and let’s discuss.


Contact me:

About Eric Thielemans

Eric makes music. Since more than 30 years he has been active internationally as a beyond jazz drummer. He plays as a soloist and with his musical family in Europe, Japan, Africa, and the US.

Ever since Eric was a child, he was interested in exploring consciousness through music, enjoying the ever-changing awareness of the same piece of music through his flow of experience. He could repeat a musical phrase for hours, enjoying with each repetition a new awareness inside his body, the shape of the phrase in the room, the resonance of the room and how it inspired him to new perspectives on how to play the same piece.

Later on, Eric developed his own ways of doing and being with music, and in this search, he encountered great masters and teachers like Barre Phillips and Billy Hart who showed him the magic of a conscious path in and with music. 


Eric is passionate about sharing the joy and magic of playing music. He teaches as a guest professor at the Antwerp Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Antwerp and creates workshops/classes focusing on creating more awareness, surrendering to what comes up in the flow of experience for creating a maximal integrative musical experience.

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