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Eddy Loozen Maalbeek Dance

Some cold day in Brussels

After a sleepless, restless night wherein

I was kept awake

Because the mother of my child not

returning home

Staying the night at another man’s place

Knowing this was going to be the long awaited, nevertheless painful, end of our relationship


The morning after that feverish night

A musical meeting was planned with Brussels based enfant terrible

Free music (what’s in a  name?) piano wizard


Poète maudit

Eddy Loozen


That morning

My stomach hard as a rock


So I went

Salle Maelbeek



Near Place Shuman

At the heart of the European district

Where my father had worked most if not

all of his life


Eddy lived not far from there.

In some rundown modernist architect’s house

Cockroaches included


The shaman

The most impossibly beautifully intense musician I’ve ever played music with


That morning

As I entered the venue

Eddy and his habitual following was

waiting for me at the entrance of the hall

Saw my state of being

We exchanged some words

He touched my belly

Hard as rock

And began to sing and go into some

other state


And we started to howl, move around, dance


Slowly entering the room


Somehow animal

Or deeply human

And then we played

And danced

And sang


And my stomach

I like to remember

it loosened up a little

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