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Primal Scene: Gentse Feesten

One sweet Summer evening

Somewhere mid July

Probably 1998

In Gent

Centre of the city

Gentse Feesten


I play a small jazz gig with friends of the yoga centre

My Baba, yoga teacher/guru is attending

the concert

As always there is an excitement in the crowd of yogis and yoginis present

I remember wearing a sanyassin orange Nike cap

My guru likes it

Wants us to exchange our hats

I wear his white tropic thing

He wears (and afterwards keeps) mine

Small and sweet concert

Not the intense and passionate musical experience which I usually tend to go for

We play some jazz standards

There’s a singer

All nice and sweet

Maybe a bit boring actually

Somewhere mid concert

I get the little drum solo feature

I close my eyes

All of a sudden

I am in between the planets

Hanging out there

In that interstellar space

Coltrane used to mention

Or Sun Ra


And I know

This is REAL


Vertical connection

Baba with me


Seems to have no time attached to it

Only space


The drum solo continues

And then I’m back


Ever since

A connection seems available

to which I can tap in any time when

I play music

As if a vertical cord

A line

To that interplanetary space

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