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Somewhere mid nineties.


Café Hopper.

Playing with Ben Sluys Quartet. A main-stream-ish jazz quartet playing Ben’s

original music.

My first serious band.

I must have been 24 or 25. Around that age.


A concert in a jazz café.

Somewhere in one of the sets a vertical moment.

Time became space.

As if one moment could last an eternity.

Having all the time to expand and live inside that one moment of time, yet still be part of the momentum of the music.


A first glimpse of the vastness of another type of space dimension. Like a portal towards another dimension or realm.

And then, contraction again, and re-alignment with the normal musical propulsion, back in the café, although I’d never left it really.


A moment that set up a beacon somewhere in my experience.

A reminder and a call to go and revisit.

A glimpse into the vastness of possibilities yet to be explored.

Such a moment-space both pushing me as now personally experienced memory and pulling me towards a mode of being as a destination in an existing possible version of myself in the future which could as well had been happening in that novel and primal now.

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