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Levee (upbeat)

Before a dancer is about to be and shape that dancing phrase unto the dance floor

and into the room

There is this moment

Right before

Wherein the whole phrase finds its desire

to be expressed


The body prepares

Taking in just the right amount of air

Tensing the muscles

Placing one’s intention and attention to where the phrase initiates inside of one’s own body

And feeling where this energyshape both pulls energy from the room, both emanates its desire to partake in the dance of molecules that help manifest the room and what’s inside of it

Out of where and NOW do we pull this energy, imagination and intent?

This NOW

the only here and now possible

yet so many nows and possibilities inside

of it

In so many timelines




And what energy and awareness do we choose?

Which scent to follow?


Doesn’t matter at all whether the phrase to be danced is precomposed or totally made up in the moment

The levee is fundamentally the same question always

It is the what? that leads to a being-doing which lightens the place up like a Christmas tree

The dance an expression of our innate capacity and desire to share in the universal ecstasy of being

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