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If this instrument could speak to you…

what would it not tell you?

A score for a musician and her instrument(s)

in a room.

For musician, instrument, recording device 

Note for score:

Your instrument.

That Thing you hold in your hands

Manipulate and touch in order

to make sound


Our touches, over time, become techniques, which means, through repetition,

we create pathways in our cellular and muscular memory in order to not to

have to think when we make a certain sound.

Just like walking or riding a bike.

We learn how to do this and repeat it many times, so that we don’t have to be

aware and in control of each detail of the process of setting one foot down while

lifting the other.

However, there is great joy to be found in re-opening ourselves to the layers of

information that over time became hidden to our awareness. In this score we

will explore our senses of touch, sight, feeling, awareness in relationship to our



Read the score one time from 

beginning to end 

Do nothing 

Just feel, let the score sink in


Read the score a 2nd time from 


Each NOW starts a new part 

Only part 3 involves making (a) sound(s) 


Execute the score. 

Only in part 3 I’d like you to record the sound of it so prepare a recorder you

can easily arm for recording when moving to part 3. 

After executing the score you will thus have made a ten-minute audio piece. 


Write down your experiences and reflections. 


Repeat the piece as many times as you like to enhance your dialogue with

the instrument(s) you play.


I’d like to make an edit of this piece overlaying all our audio bits. Preferably

not touching or editing, just juxtaposing different stretches of ten-minute


——————————————————————————————————————————NOW (1)

Any given day

Any moment in your daily life

Go to your practice room

And go to your instrument


If relevant

Take it out of its box

Open the lid

Uncover what covers it


As if

Touching a puppy dog for the first time

Or a dried rose

Hold it in your hands

Look at it

Smell it

Say hello to it

And allow it to say hello to you

——————————————————————————————————————————NOW (2)

Place your instrument before you

Lay it down

Step away from it

Feel the magnetism

The charged space between you and your instrument

Hold your want to touch it to play or make a sound

And keep the energy of it inside of you

Feel the place inside of your body where that want is felt most


Is it in your hands?

Your head?

Your heart?

Your belly?


Look at your instrument.

How is it without you?

Does it want you to touch it?

Does it want to be played?


What is its vibe?

Does it feel light or dark?

Does it want to hide from you?

Is it massive?

Is it vibrating with its own potential and life?

——————————————————————————————————————————NOW (3) 10'

Go to your instrument

And from that space of awareness of its own entity

Touch it and let your touch be a question

Ask what it wants?

How does it want to be touched?

How does it want to be played?

Even when touching it as you normally do

Do it as if it were the first time

Explore the touch

Is it cold?

What is its surface telling you?


From those touches and the dialogue of touch

between you and your instrument

Now make some sounds, and let your sounds

be the audible trace of your talk of touches.


Record 10 minutes of a dialogue of touches.


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