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If your room could speak to you… 

what would it not tell you? 

A score for a musician, her instrument(s)

and a room.

For musician, instrument, recording device 


Read the score one time from

beginning to end 

Do nothing 

Just feel, let the score sink in


Read the score a 2nd time from



Each NOW starts a new part 

Only part 3 involves making (a) sound(s) 


Execute the score.

Total time is 50 minutes.

However, except for the 10 minute recording, 

The timings are suggestions.

Only in part 3 I’d like you to record the sound of it so prepare a recorder

you can easily arm for recording when moving to part 3. 

After executing the score you will thus have made a 10 minute audio piece. 


Write down your experiences and reflections. 


Repeat the piece as many times as you like to enhance your dialogue

with the room in which you play or listen.


I’d like to make an edit of this piece overlaying all our audio bits.

Preferably not touching or editing, just juxtaposing different stretches

of 10 minute recordings 

Be in your room, and let your room Be 

——————————————————————————————————————————NOW (1) 20' 

Walk through the room 


And let the athmosphere of it pass through you 

Empty yourself 

Of intent 


Withdraw your performance 

Your need to act out 

Your feverish thinking 

And your extacy 

Feel the suspention 

a space of awareness 

emanating from your belly 

In that space 

Let your presence 

and the presence of the room 


Be-come invisible 

Imagine this room without you in it 

How is it pulsating at 4am in the morning, 

When all is quiet? 

Make yourself absent from it 

Become small 


Un raying 

Look at the room 

Like a nature observer 

Look at the objects and artefacts in it 

Your instruments, photographs 

A window 

The light of day seeping into the room 

A shadow and a chair 

Meet your room 

Say hello to it 

——————————————————————————————————————————NOW (2) 20' 

Like a cat 

Find your spot to rest 

Can you stay in this spot for hours? 

Tune yourself 

Let your body respond to that safe place 

Sit still 

Lay down 

Lean against a wall 

Find your resting posture 

Become still 

Take a little nap 

—————————————————————————————————————————NOW (3) 10' 

Take this sensation of the room 

The blending of both your presence

and the room’s presence 

And ask yourself how you, as a musician, with your instrument 

Can create a dialogue with this room.

What would you ask or say or play in it? 

Did you already converse with the room by meeting it differently? 

How could your making a sound emanate from this different meeting?

Imagine adding a sound

to what already is.

In its silence 

a presence speaks 

Meet this presence 

With your presence 

And blend 

Sound and presence 

Room and you 



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