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Aftervibes: NY Pepsi Coke

There is nothing that compares to the

peace I feel within my body and being than this sweetest buzz after having played an

intense gig.

It lasts for hours!


Probably somewhere in the Summer of 1994.

NY. East-Village.

After a small gig together with guitarist Ben Monder and double bass player Doug Weiss.

A gig which was organized by my NY yoga centre friends.

Maybe a first concert before my Baba (guru).

A concert played on Billy Hart’s drums which he lent me in exchange for me helping him install a new air conditioner in his girlfriend's apartment.

It was hot.

And humid.

So a typically full and dynamic NY day in

this full Summer heat and humidity.
Working and racing to get it all done in time.

After the gig.

Sweet aloneness.

Walking in the hot night, buzzing, flying, being really happy and peaceful yet so intense.

Strolling by a 7/11.

A big container with ice, outside on the sidewalk, against the shop window.

And in this box, the biggest of small Pepsi bottles I had ever seen until then caught

my eye!

Now we can buy those in Belgium too. 33cl. The best size for glass coke bottles.

Just saying.


Pure sugar and bliss. Ice cold. Off course.


Walking on.

Coke in hand.

Being home.

In that city that called me more than any other.

Zoning out on the after gig buzz,

until around 4 am.

That zero point in the middle of night.

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