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NY Planes

When travelling to a place

Especially when it implies flying

And even more so when flying to NY

The most resonant of cities in this

lifetime for me


When I fly out to NY

In the plane

On my way to

I get these sensations

An awareness of what’s coming


I guess also a letting go of the earth


And my earthly agenda





So I always move with a sense of purpose

When flying to NY it is to meet the place

and some of its people

And the surprise it holds for me


My tribe is there

Or part of it at least

So I’m also going home

Returning from my home in exile

Where I happen to live




I get this sense

This awareness

A sense of possibilities


Surfing the waves

Letting myself be carried

In motion already

Yet suspended in mid air




When flying back to Belgium from my beloved NY

I enjoy the afterglow

Of yet another spacetime in the maelstrom

of beingdoing close to my void

My zero degree

Which happens to appear so easily in

that city


And yet again I afterglow and pre sense

Ask myself how to integrate these intense vibrations

With a sense of chagrin

Of leaving behind a part of me

yet having it change me each time again

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