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Open a Window

When in a recording studio

I tend to want to open up the contained atmosphere of that so called ideal space

to record in

For the outside air and life to seep in

So chaotic Life can infect my playing


My sounds do not live in a vacuum

They be and interact with their surroundings, the room and molecules in which they emerge


From opening up a window

to setting up recordings in not contained acoustics

to doing outside recording sessions

to sitting on a bench in a park or next to

a busy street

closing my eyes and just listen to the 3D aural symphony of life taking place

if we just would want to listen and bathe in it

Allowing for anomalies

Allowing for accidents

Allowing for so called mistakes


The joy of interacting

The joy of playing music and all of a sudden having a conversation with a bird

Or with a creaking chair for that matter

Inviting and embracing all sounds to the concert as conference

The joy of our shared aural awareness

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