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Tune In

tune in

listen to



tactility   proprioception   sensing the world


is it inside of me

or rather outside of my body


which is not the same thing


or do I stop being, right  outside of the borders of the skin of my body?


If I sense the world around me

what or who is sensing it?


Am I still inside or out?


How far does this me reach out?

How empty is deep space?

How far away the stars?


Sense beings

focussed and channelled through a bodily existence

a playful situation

if one relaxes and allows for it


singing with the birds

laying with the rocks

getting ear massaged by the comforting sound of a passing train in a not so far distance having sonic intercourse with the valley through which it passes


we are privileged  conscious observers

thus we interact

give life through our awareness

and focussed attention


tuning in

into the frequencies of that vast all ness

and transmitting

what we


are tuned into


co-creating in this symphony of all that is





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